Sunday, 18 November 2007

On doing five classes* in one day, and teaching two back-to-back** the next quote Super Dave Osborne, "I'm hurtin', Fuji. I'm hurtin' real bad."

* Saturday's awesome LMI Quarterly, in which I did:

8:30 - BodyAttack
10:00 - BodyCombat
11:30 -
1:00 - (lunch/watched BodyPump - I'm not completely crazy)
3:00 -
4:45 -

** My usual Sunday:
11:00 -
12:00 -

...and then a nap.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wedding photos: found!

Incredible work/incredible art by Jessica Sims of

Here, Chris and I reflect soberly on the sanctity of marriage.

Our centrepieces, which each table got to name.
Pictured at left, though I can't be sure, is Ninja
(may he rest in peace).

Beautiful Jenny bolsters my courage for the long walk ahead.

Speaking of weddings, I finally downloaded shots from Jess' own wedding (also embarrassingly
late... sorry, Jess!)... here's my favourite:
I have absolutely no recollection of this part of the night.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Cats in the Hat!

Warning: Spoiler alert! For those of you that I haven't talked to in person or by phone lately, you may want to stop, pick up the phone and call me before reading this, so that I don't get the "you're telling me that you got engaged with an evite?" response that I may have received a few years ago.

Aaaand we're back.

To answer your many, many inquiries (ok, two), yes, we're renting out the condo, and yes, we're moving to a bigger place. To quash an obvious rumour, no, it's not because there will soon be three of us.

Chris has accepted a great job opportunity at the Suffield base in Medicine Hat. We spent the past week on a house-hunting trip (be vewwy vewwy quiet...), and after two days and 17 viewings, we were totally exhausted and had it narrowed down to four...then two... then we decided on a very cute, spacious (with guest rooms - no excuses to not come visit!) townhouse, that we may own in 25 years or so. We're also fairly sure that all ducks are in a line for me to get a new job there, too -- all in all, a very successful week! On the right, we celebrate the acceptance of our offer.


A little bit about Medicine Hat: sunniest city in Canada, population of about 60,000, and there's a Costco opening there in a few weeks! It's 3 hours from Calgary (Is and Danielle!) (and we can come pick you up there if you don't want to fly on the wee little scary plane, at left), 6 hours from Edmonton (Rob, Lynda, Ryan, Nouha, Mel, and Sue!) and 2 from Lethbridge (closest GoodLife)...and about 20 minutes from Saskatchewan (wheat)! We can DRIVE to Vancouver and Kelowna (Jenny and Chantal!), which is totally awesome.

It's apparently a wonderful place to live, with most of the people that move there for "a year or two" ending up staying forever... we'll see, of course.

Anyway, we're looking forward to the adventure starting shortly before Christmas, but I'm already sad (getting sniffy typing this) at the thought of leaving our many friends and my family here in Ottawa. We're hoping to have a big Ho-Ho-Houseleaving party before we go, but with the holiday season (and GREY CUP!!!! WOOOOHOOOO) fast approaching, it may be a challenge... but watch for the evite anyway!

As always, there are fun photos and captions posted on flickr: enjoy!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Condo photos

Wow, what a week! First wedding photos -- ok, wedding photO --, and now shots of our condo! Perhaps those of you living far away and reading this religiously (ie. twice a year) would like to see how the Huffinkarens live.

It's amazing how nice our home can look when we clean it up and de-clutter. Sometimes it just takes a dinner party to make us realize how happy we are here, and what a beautiful place this is to live.

In celebration of this fact, here are some photos of our Home Sweet Home, just for the sake of sharing...the gorgeous laminate flooring, the large windows, the huge master bedroom with walk-in closet and four-piece ensuite...

Seriously, though, guess what day it is today?

It's Shameless Self-Promotion Day!

... if you know of anyone who would like to rent a beautiful 2-bedroom condo in the Market area, ours will be available on January 1st... feel free to pass this on to friends, coworkers, etc. For an appointment, call me (you should already have my number!) or send me an email!

Description is below.

Fabulous Market location

2 blocks from Rideau Street / 1 block from route 3 bus stop

2 bedrooms, 2 full baths

Corner unit with large balcony

Large master bedroom has walk-in closet and 4-piece ensuite

Laundry in unit

Laminate flooring throughout

Pet-free, smoke-free home

Safe building with security gates

Includes underground parking space and remote, storage locker in basement