Thursday, 12 November 2009

10 Months and All is ... Well...

Well, I'm winding down this fabulous adventure I like to refer to as "maternity leave". I have two more weeks with my special little guy, half of which he'll be spending transitioning to daycare. Snif.

The transitioning is going really well - for him, anyway. I sobbed for the whole 4 hours on the first day I dropped him off, but have got the sobbing down to a minimum, and find that lying very still or napping helps pass the time in my empty, echoey house. Snif. Getting out of the house just puts me in the company of other moms with THEIR babies, at the mall, at Costco, etc, which leads to sogginess, naturally. He seems to be having a great time, eating and napping well, and doesn't seem to care one way or another when I show up to pick him up! Ingrate.

Seriously, though, I'm very happy that I found a good dayhome for him (right in our neighbourhood, and very highly recommended... AND she's a Newf!), and that he's settling in well. Next week, we'll be stretching his hours out a little longer, and possibly trying one or two all-day visits... with my commute, he'll be there from about 7:20 till 5:15 or so. Waaaaah! My little boy will be calling someone else Mommy! Well, when he can talk, anyway.

That's another problem. The current routine, which starts at about 6:30 am, gets Vaughn and I fed, washed, brushed, and half of us (the smaller half) dressed -- by 8. I think we'll need to work on our speed. Or maybe skip the hygiene part of the morning.

Moving on to happier stuff:
  • I start back at work in two weeks instead of one, because my wonderful husband (hope he's not reading need to swell his head) will be travelling for the whole week I was supposed to start back... which naturally sent me into meltdown mode -- how the heck can he expect me to abandon-my-baby-and-leave-him-for-10-hours-and-then-drive-for-50-km-sobbing-on-a-highway... so he said, what if I used up some points and brought you two along? Yay! Crisis averted... for a week.
  • The V-man is crawling! Not just that happy little frog scamper that I love, but actual hands-and-knees crawling! ...for about 4 steps... then back to the scamper. Yeah!
  • The pulling up to standing and cruising continues.
  • His bathrobe fits! (see above) I didn't think it ever would.
  • His "best" (?) new trick is begging. I swear, if you even think of having a snack outside of regulated snacktimes, he is suddenly at your knee, looking up at you and growling endearingly (which is weird, but awfully cute)... and because it's so cute, Chris and I can't help but give in and share every time, reinforcing this adorable bad habit.
Anyhoo, life continues, and this blog will either see a lot more activity (since I'll be back at work, ha ha), or a drastic drop-off. I'll try to share any fantastic newsiness, though.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nobody Here But Us Halloweenies

Dear Great Pumpykin,

I think I'm starting to have this Halloween thing figured out.

First, you hunt and stalk a suitable pumpykin. Check.

Next, once perfect pumpykin is secured (after Daddy nearly has a conniption over the price: $7?!?! mumble grumble etc.), Mommy hacks it to pieces with sharp things (while I nap and get rested up for a night of debauchery).

Apparently, dressing up like a skunk is instrumental to this holiday, for reasons that Mommy hasn't been able to explain satisfactorily. Whatever. Everyone seems delighted to see me, and the costume that Grandma made was nice and warm and comfy, so I guess this isn't so bad.

Then you have to attend various parties and soirées. I got to go to two! Below, an assortment of turtles, bees, giraffes, piglets, princesses, and several other skunks (a "stink" of skunks, Mommy says) attempt to be photographed at the same time! Note that this wouldn't happen in the wild, either. Daddy said he felt really stressed just watching this part.

Finally, for some reason, Mommy took me around our neighbourhood, where she rang doorbells, said "trick or treat", and held out a little bucket. A lot of very nice people gave her candy, which seemed to make her happy. I don't know why I had to come along.

When we got home, Mommy let me play with the loot for as long as it took to get a few pictures of me. Then she took it all away. I'm not sure what she did with it, but I'm pretty sure I won't see it again.

All in all, it was a fun, though somewhat confusing, holiday. I was praised for being a pleasant little skunk for the whole day, though, which I guess is good.

And Mommy's already looking forward to next year!