Monday, 24 May 2010

Bubbles: A story in photos

We introduced the V-man to bubbles last week.
Needless to say, they were a hit, and now he asks for them by name.

This is the park just behind our house, where we go after dinner every night to "run" the little guy for a bit.

Returning home: the pathway to the right takes you right to the giant open green space - fantastic location!

Did you two have fun at the park?

It only follows that bubbles would be a hit in the bath, too!

Let Me Eat Cake!

A very tardy update on the Lemon Cake-off and cake decorating course:

I like cake.

My test pigs (#1 and #2) gave completely opposing reviews of the Lemoniest Cake Ever, and I have to say I agree with them both. TP#1 found it too sweet, too tart, and WAAAAY too lemony (it was a lemon sponge cake, with a lemon curd filling, and a lemon icing), while TP#2 just thought it was great. We all agreed that the cake itself was fantastic, moist and delicious, but perhaps I went a bit gung-ho on the lemoniness. The next time, I plan on de-lemonating it a bit by using a cream-cheese icing. Next Easter.

My associate, above, also likes cake, but doesn't get it very often... but when he says, "Pleeeeeeease".... well, what am I, made of stone?

As for the competition, well, we have no reliable results, as one of my esteemed competitors fired both of her test pigs (her 3-year-old daughter and her own mother - now that's harsh), and the other one made a second cake because the first didn't work out. Which obviously means that I won. Go me!

The next cake, the first one done in my course (fantastic course offered at Michael's - I highly recommend it for those who enjoy eating a cake a week) (and who enjoy drinking the Wilton (tm) Kool-Aid), turned out beautifully, but I brought it in to work for Paul's birthday before I took a picture, so you'll have to take my word for it - it was beautiful.

The NEXT cake, done the next week, could have been lovely, except that I overdid it at circuit training at lunch, and I was unable to walk from my car to the store (pubis symphysis issues - SO lovely), so I sat down at the kitchen table with my manual and my icing and practiced on my little test cards. And then decided that my hearts needed work, so came up with this:

Stunning, non? It was tasty, anyway - I used butterscotch pudding as filling. Nom.

The final cake of the class was gorgeous, and lots of fun to make. We finished the "Wilton Rose" (tm), made sweetpeas, learned about ribbons,, well, that took a lot of time, but voila!


And lastly, the cake that is still sitting on my counter right now: I was forbidden (by TP#1) to post a photo of it, for career-limiting reasons, but here's the detail that I can share - my twist-drop flowers, beautiful leaves, and whimsical stems...

Too bad, really, since it's a really, really funny story.

And delicious, too.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Full Term...inally Insane

Ok, so having passed the 37-week milestone (the baby is considered full term and ok to be born at any time) a week and a half ago, and not being mentally prepared at all for the baby to have not come by now, due to a recurrent family history of early second children with delightfully precipitous labours, I'm losing it.

A photo taken last Monday (37 weeks, 3 days, not that I'm counting) shows the sheer size of my problem...note the (lack of) footwear, small child on hip, and proximity to the stove. I do enjoy being a cliché. (And don't listen to Fis, to claims that I pushed him out of the way for the photo op - does that really sound like something I'd do?)


Another photo, taken at 38 weeks, below. Well there's really no need/way to explain this one, is there?

I'm going crazy (see above)* - not sleeping well/at all, depending on the day, being kept far too busy at work (especially with declining mental capabilities), and to top it all off, I have a 16-month-old who doesn't seem to understand that Mommy doesn't have the energy for him right I have no choice but to fake having energy. Lately, that energy has been used to corral the little guy back from the coolest thing he's ever seen, a giant orange "digger" in the park behind our house. He'll suddenly start trotting in that direction, saying "tractor" completely clearly... like a homing beacon and/or a robot. You can't even dissuade him with treats, which is serious. And then I have to chase him, instead of napping or lying still and eating, which is the next best thing.

The baby's room is almost ready - the crib is assembled, the walls are painted, the decals are up, and all I need to do is make the curtains and the chair cushions. No worries! Unfortunately the sense of urgency (or "nesting"), that accompanied the NEED to make the curtains and cushions has been somewhat squelched when Mom said that if I didn't get to it, she could do it when she visits.

Well then.

So yep, at 1 week and 4 days before my Actual Due Date, I'm feeling as nuts as if this baby were already late. And I don't see this state of mind/body improving. How bad is it, I ask, if I'd rather be in labour right now?

Yikes, you say. That's bad.

Reeeal bad.

Not as bad at that blue spandex, but close.

*To answer a pertinent question about the unitard pose, I am kneeling on the bed because the angles of the other photos we took were unflattering. Trust me.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Belly Dancer

Mumble grumble yawn.

This is a spliced-together video (quite boring, really), displaying the nightly show.

That thing on my stomach is a bookmark - good thing I had a book that I couldn't put down - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.