Friday, 11 May 2012

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

People are funny.  And by "people", I'm referring to Fis, of course.

The other morning, he had made deeeeelicious French toast (do you have to have to capitalize "French" if you're referring to toast?) out of the leftover baguette from our pretentious-yet-lovely Saturday night wine-and-cheese tradition, and we all sat down for a nice Sunday breakfast.

"Would you like surrup?" he asked Vaughn.

I said, "What was that?"

"Surrup," he said.

"I think you mean seeerup."




"What's wrong with you? Who pronounces it surrup?"

...and so forth.

Another prime example was last night's tv snacks. We each got up off the couch (a significant accomplishment for me) and made Bugs on a Log, which everyone knows is celery, filled with cheese whiz, and topped with a few raisins, one for every bite.

Fis informed me that I was weird.

"Ants on a Log," he said, "is made with celery and peanut butter." And then he proceeded to cram so many raisins into his peanut butter that you couldn't even SEE the peanut butter any more.

"That's too many bugs!" I cried.

"Ants. They're ants."

We agreed to disagree, even though, obviously, we both secretly knew I was right.